F*****m is fucked

Freedom, for some, is a dirty word.

There is a price on the head of every man, woman and child in just about every country across the globe.  In fact, our various governments “borrow” money on the strength of how much we are collectively worth and it has been going on for a very long time.  In the 1930s, the US government even traded birth certificates of living people on the New York stock exchange.  Admittedly, the process is more sophisticated in the 21st century, but the sobering principal remains, we, the ordinary people, the masses, are little more than security for national debt.

To enable our governments to calculate how much the country’s “people asset” is worth, little grey men in ivory towers acquire a lot of information about us, as individuals.  For them to do this we have to be “on the radar”, identifiable, normal; you know, have a national insurance number, live in a house with a solid address, have a job or be on benefits and preferably have a traceable family tree.  Their sole purpose is to control us (that is what the word politics has come to mean) so they have to be able to find us, easily.But, what happens when the State cannot track down and identify certain groups of people within its population?  What happens if these people are culturally nomadic, following ancient traditions of crossing boundaries and borders at will?  The answer is straightforward – the State will institute a process directed at eliminating them and/or their way of life.  Sooner or later, it will commit “genocide by stealth” whereby the target group is so constrained it becomes impossible for it to exist at all, forcing its people to be absorbed into the conventional, already identified, masses.

There are many examples of State sponsored “genocide by stealth”; some are well documented, while others are less well known and surprising.

In England in 1994, it was effectively made illegal to be a Romi gipsy.  It is estimated that within a generation, a two-thousand-year-old culture will have been wiped out.

In the 1970s, Western Sahara was annexed by Morocco and Mauritania, ostensibly in a territorial dispute over rights to oil and phosphate deposits.  The respective governments physically ejected more than 100,000 nomadic Saharawis from their lands.  Since then they have lived as refugees in camps in Algeria.  They had become too troublesome to monitor and control, it was therefore expedient to eliminate them from the calculation.

Tuaregs live under similar persecution in Nigeria.

Tsaatan reindeer herders in Mongolia.

Palestinians in, well, their own country by the Israelis.

Lambada nomads of India under the Nizams during British colonial rule.

…and so the list goes on – Inuits, Aborigines, Tibet, Siberia, Kyrgyzstan, Korea.

Has Freedom become a quaint theory with no place in the way our political masters want us to live?


  1. The modern way to live a nomadic life is apparently couchsurfing, which last I heard has been growing in popularity lately. No matter how they try to control people, there will always be the ones who break the mold, who will do whatever the hell they want, and to hell with you and your Big Brother.

    As for me, ever since moving out from my parents’ at 17 I have changed addresses approximately every three months. That doesn’t mean I’m always moving to a totally different town every three months (I’ve been in the same metro area and held the same job for the last year, but had four or five different zipcodes within that time period) but it does mean I’m relatively hard to track as I refuse to keep my address updated with pretty much anyone. I don’t even have one of the stupid Real ID cards and I am considered a legal resident of a state I haven’t lived in for three years — my non-Real ID passport from ’06 is all the identification I need, and I can live anywhere I want with it. I walk, bike, bus or get a ride anywhere I need to go so I don’t need a driver’s license or vehicle registration or any of that crap. I consider myself a pretty effective nomad. 🙂

    They can destroy the cultures, but they can’t destroy the lifestyle.


  2. Interesting Rod, Have you heard of the blogger Niall Connolly of Muck and Brass in Somerton he’s a friend of mine. His blog is an interesting read. I do sadly agree that those who put themselves in powerful positions often do so to abuse our rights, freedom and money. If we are not careful the world will become a very dull place.


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