…on the divergence bicycle

 I will never be a slave to the credo of “Diversity”.

Too many doctrines give a passing nod to the possibility of exclusion , the common definition of which is to deprive certain people from full participation in society, whilst also implying the inherent superiority of one group over another.

It’s true, there is but one world, one humankind and one celebration to which everyone is invited and despite political hoodwinking, no single thought, word or policy can ever fully act as an umbrella for that entire conviction.

Whilst similarities first attract one person or group to another, it is the differences that nourish and sustain relationships, whether they be with lovers, friends and neighbours or between human races.  To co-exist, to fully participate, we must quietly accept our true differences however uncomfortable we might be with some of them.

A bicycle is built of metal and each part is intrinsically different.  When connected one with the other, the machine has form, function and purpose.  No single part seeks to dominate another.  If a cog , a chain, a wheel or the whole bicycle fails, it is beholden upon us all to repair it.

It is inconceivable there should ever be a politicised policy for the purpose of enforcing Sameness. The simple fact is, people are not the same.



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