Our political leaders are right.  They are indeed magnanimous and omniscient while we are nothing but buffoons, ignorant of the ways of the “real” world for the world is, as they persistently tell us, not as it seems.

But we’ll all be fine because they have invented a System for this, a Programme for that, a Schedule for the other and a Structure over spanning the realm of possibilities or as American politicians prefer, probabilities and outcomes.  There are Belief Systems, Social Structures, Economic and Political Programmes . . . blah, blah, blah!  Oh, and the best one of all, a Theatre of Conflict, more accurately, several Theatres of Conflict.

So I guess that proves it.  Warfare is one big game, one global sized pantomime where death and destruction – subjugation and genocide by stealth – are all somehow sanitised by presenting it as people dressing up in other people’s clothes and speaking other people’s words.  Roadside bombs are theatrical props and roadblocks in Gaza are all pretend.

They’ve read the market and concluded that your average, everyday ordinary person is persuaded more by celebrity and deception than substance and truth.

Phew, that’s all right then.  BULLSHT!

Last week we learned of the death of a true celebrity, someone who truly lived – not by their rules, but his own – and in so doing highlighted their hypocrisies.  His name is Vittorio Arrigoni and he was a brave and selfless pacifist mindlessly killed by the very people he was trying to help.


© Rivenrod 2011


  1. I see so many things as being connected. The mindlessness it takes to wage war, oppress, refuse to share, refuse to see, is a madness counter to the things that the sane teach their toddlers. Why are we encouraged in this madness as adults? Is this the ultimate double standard?


    1. I sincerely wish I had all the answers because the question you pose is one of those conundrums humans agonise over and torment ourselves with, continuously.

      I, like you, have been there.

      Some time ago I decided that, whilst (I agree) so much in this world is connected, the connections are becoming increasingly man made. Because of mankind’s influence, these connections engender and foster confusion and complication.

      I decided to hold simple views. For my moral compass and guidance, I follow the Noahide Commandments.

      For possessions, I am working towards needing only those things I can bundle up and carry on my back.

      I could go on, but I believe you get my drift – simplicity. And this doctrine follows through into trains of thought (the only worthwhile wealth is mental wealth, in my view). Mankind will kill, control, pressurise and torture simply because we like it. Whatever the side benefits to their/our actions such as increased wealth etc. are purely incidental to the sensory engorgement of presiding over the life or death of other men, women and children. They, no! we, do it because we like it and we like to do what we like. Simple.


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