“I believe that to find peace you must also find truth”.

Is Truth the same as honesty?  Is my pot-bellied Truth the same as that of pot-bellied refugee children?  Or are their distended bellies due to fatal liver enlargement caused by starvation and malnutrition?  How much knowledge do we need before we can recognise Truth?  Does recognising what might be true confirm the existence of Truth?

Does our quest for Truth mean we acknowledge the presence of a higher being?  If so, is God Truth?  Or is Truth, God?  Given there is one God for every creature on the planet, would God exist without us?  Is it necessary to suffer in order to receive the Truth, to achieve true enlightenment, and is that suffering measurable?  If so, is the degree of enlightenment equivalent to the degree of suffering?  Is it ever possible for Truth to be achieved through joy, wellbeing, security and comfort?

Is there a correlation between the depth and quantity of suffering and the extent of redemption?  Is redemption granted hierarchically?  And, if this is the case, is the granting of Truth also based on a meritocracy with certain Truths only being made available to certain people?  If so, what are the rules for being one of the chosen?

Is Truth synonymous with good in the way that untruth is considered evil?  How then do we reconcile devilish and cruel phenomena occurring in the name of Truth (or God)?  Must we blindly accept them as the will of a higher being and ignore the dilemma posed when our God performs, or stands idly watching, the cruellest and most hideously evil acts?

Those born into the flesh will die whether in peace or in pain: that’s the human condition.  Jesus of Nazareth is said to have followed humanity into death.  But, knowing he could not die anyway, was the resurrection and the promise of life everlasting the greatest lie of all?  Is it God’s presumption that humans even want life everlasting?

Perhaps this is how the devil traps us when we become so distracted by questioning Truth we let our guard down.


© Rivenrod 2011


  1. Truth is beauty beauty, truth. Truth is experience. How can there be one Truth?
    God is Love, Light, Life. Truth has nothing to do with evil. Your truth, understanding, experience may or may not agree with another’s and it can not ever be the same.


    1. “Ode on a Grecian urn”, well I never! I didn’t have you down as a lover of the classics least of all our beloved romantics. I am biased though because I live in Coleridge country, I am a socialist and believe Rime of the Ancient Mariner to be one of the finest epic poems of the English language.

      However, you expand by saying Truth is experience. Surely you mean to say one of the sure fire ways to garner Truth is through experience. This I would agree with. The trouble is, in the modern world, from my own experience so few people are prepared to listen to anyone who has really, truly, experienced something (a phenomenon, perhaps) first hand. More perversely, I have also found few people are good at relating their experiences, they are boring, so perhaps there is leeway for forgiveness. RR


  2. I love the way you’ve written this. So many questions. The one that gets me the most is whether everyone’s angle on the truth really is the truth. If there is a god, has that being actually decreed that the person who thinks I’m horrible and mean is correct even though I’ve never done or thought any of the things they’ve accused me of?

    I know what I think, and each of us has to operate from within our own logic, but I still long to have these questioned answered–even though deep down I don’t want to hear it if it’s so awful that it hurts.


    1. I really wanted to reply to your comment before now but I didn’t have it properly worked out. I still don’t but what the heck!

      These do not pro-port to be the fundamental questions around the human condition but I would hazard to suggest they are a start. What concerns me is you.

      Forgive my impertinence for asking, but when you look in the mirror what do you see? Is it a monster or a marvel? Are you wholesome, happy and fun or dingy and alone? Are your principals strong and do you have the moral courage to change your mind when necessary? Do you know who you are and what you are capable of or do you bend with the will and perceptions of others?

      These are large and very personal questions and you are of course right to say that “each of us has to operate within our own logic”. There is no other way is there? I would however extend your summation by saying that we are also creatures susceptible to the influence of others. The trick is to recognise and filter out the rubbish. We also blindly accept certain things that fundamentally affect our lives purely, it seems, because we don’t have the capacity to question them, the people who influence us are too canny, or we are just too damned tired.

      As artists, you and I, it’s our duty to question everything until the bones are bleached dry – every “given” fact, piece of information, every action, credo and religion. In the end, after mammoth exertion, it is our singular right to learn how to hate, how to love, how to feel and how to see, how and what to truly believe and most importantly, not necessarily the answers, but the questions to ask.



      1. I agree with you that “we are also creatures susceptible to the influence of others.” We are social animals, so it’s in our nature to ponder how we fit into our society. It’s a very inconvenient feeling sometimes, especially for an artist who wants to keep asking questions and making observations, but I’m sure many people fight the desire to fit in somewhere, at some point or another.

        As to your questions, impertinent or not: The very short answer to 1. a person who cares
        2. Marvel.
        3. Wholesome, happy and fun, by nature
        4. Yes
        5. Mostly yes to the first part, no to the second, though I do reasonably ponder persistently voiced perceptions to see if there’s any merit. (I actually do that much less now after learning the hard way, that “consider the source” has much more meaning than I had previously known.)

        One of the things that’s been particularly hard in my own life, is that I’m often seen as ‘soft’ or wishy, washy because I concentrate on deceptively simple issues. That feels strange for me because it comes most when I feel very sure about a subject or point. It actually feels very adventurous to me (and sometimes dangerous) to keep sticking my neck out about the things that mean the most to me about the world, and to not be fully understood, or to be misunderstood, but that’s bothering me less and less as I get older.

        Whew! That felt like a workout. Thanks, I needed one. 🙂


  3. Even if he “knew” he was going to rise from the dead, could he really know 100%? Its funny he had to abandon logic in hopes that something illogical, like rising from the dead would happen.
    I love the word everlasting.
    yay more posts!


    1. Evelyn, my treasure, I love your comments, so earthy, quick and to a point. I get where you’re coming from instantly.

      Ok, the thing is this – We are told time after time that everything God does is worked out, part of a master plan, pre ordained. If, in the act of creation, he had stopped at that point he would have known everything that was going to happen right through to the end of time. How boring is that! He knew he could not cope with the life draining predictability and to circumvent himself going insane (which was something he would also have foreseen if he hadn’t arranged things differently) he gave human beings “Free Will” just so we can do random stuff whenever the hell we like (or even don’t like). Also, it was more interesting for him / her / it / ^&%$ (whatever). I am getting to the point, honestly!

      So, if Jesus is God’s son and everything is pre ordained and Jesus actually communicates with his dad then it’s reasonable to assume he would know for sure whether he was going to rise from the dead or not. 100%.

      I’m fairly sure about that . . .



      1. I like being someone’s treasure…

        and its slightly disconcerning that even God could go insane with boredom.


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