Less is more, more or less


(C) Rivenrod 2010


  1. Hmmn. I think wanton displays of empathy, kindness or respect (that aren’t tethered to guilt) would come under the heading of exhibitionism or sarcasm, and therefore be counterfeit versions of those things. (Though as sarcasm they can be quite useful for slowing down jerks, while denying them the verbal slap fight they really want.) A bit of indulgence in the real versions of those things, can bring clarity into difficult emotional situations, or at least create calmer spaces in which to contemplate a path to clarity. I don’t think anyone is ever diminished by giving or accepting those things. Using conscious restraint with them can be, and often is, misread as indifference.

    Thanks for what you said about my name. I like the way yours looks and the way it sounds on my tongue, though underneath that for me, is the sadness to its meaning. I’m having a little struggle with the real and the emotional dualities of words lately. I’m exploring that– when not trying to ignore it to hold on to a little sanity. Thanks for the conversation, Rivenrod.


    1. Good of you to drop by. May I challenge you to think about what Alfie has said and come up with a few more exceptions to his (apparently) eccentric thought. Also, which things comply with the philosophy most completely. Let me know Good Lady, in your own time and at your own convenience.



      1. Empathy, kindness, and respect– less of these does nothing for society or the individual.

        As to those things that fit this philosophy most completely, besides the obvious benefits of eradicating cruelty, war and world hunger, everything that comes to mind at the moment seems too open to interpretation, or too personal to apply to everyone. In particular, I keep coming back to instances of the color orange that haven’t originated in the natural world.


        1. Orange. Probably the most interesting of all colours. If I remember my schoolbook history, orange is the only colour for which there has ever been a Royal Family – the Kings of Orange. My guess is, being Dutch, they were also far from natural!

          As for empathy, kindness and respect, whilst I agree less in the world is undesirable, I would also say, in the spirit of “less is more” that overindulgence or wanton displays often has a negative effect. Restraint preserves the preciousness of these virtues and consequently can magnify the affect. To that extent, less (the input) is indeed more (the product). What do you say Sparks in Shadow? – (brilliant name by the way).


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