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    1. Dangerously cryptic phrasal verb or literal fancy. It is possible that we, madam, are in grave danger of tangling in a seriously enjoyable way.

      Thanks for your sparse words and for making me think (so dastardly early in the morning!)



    1. Oh I don’t know. I have fought many times and got absolutely nothing only to discover years later that Nothing is what I deserved anyway.

      You sound jaded.


    1. So true and the more words there are, often the bigger the hole. It’s a fact, we learned about it in Physics – everything has an equal and an opposite.

      How apposite.



  1. At the moment, I’m finding my lack of employment to be so powerful as to impede nearly every other part of my life. Just one unfortunate example of the amazing power that ‘nothing’ can hold. (I’m a little ticked off with myself at the moment– I always thought I was a ‘glass half full’ sort of person.) After clearing my mind a bit, I’ll see if I can think of any positive examples of this nugget. I hope some of us can. I’ll be back to see.


    1. Some of the things that happen to us through the course of our lives, the things over which we have no control, can crawl under our skin, permeate the blood stream and infect our whole being. Maybe that’s something we could cope with more easily if certain people (usually politicians) did not keep telling us it’s our fault we don’t work, have a physical disease or some kind of mental disorder. There are a small list of things that politicians are paid huge amounts of money to do and one of the main ones in my view is to ensure there are sufficient opportunities to work (for those that wish to) paying a liveable wage and within easy travelling distance of the communities in which we live. Difficult? You bet it is. That’s why they’re paid the big bucks! Until they manage to do that for everyone, not just their chosen voters, then and only then can they begin to impose sanctions on anyone who doesn’t live by the rules.

      Until then Lady Sparks, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” and let them know who the real Boss is!


    1. Speaking on his behalf, as I so often do, I can say without equivocation, jeopardisation or prevarication, he is grateful beyond measure for your kind words.


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