To kill may be too much, or not enough

© Rivenrod 2011


  1. Anger when used as intended motivates us to be who we are and who we really are is offended when people are mis-treated, downtrodden and forgotten about. Let the anger motivate you to play your part in the shift that is occurring by continuing to help wake people up from their induced slumber but let it go when it has done it’s job. Compassion is the most powerful force in the universe and it is that compassion that will help us create the world we want. Love and thanks, RR (too)


    1. RR -> RR

      Thank you. I believe hatred is undervalued. I believe, as a society, we must learn to hate properly and express our feelings honestly. Hatred takes us beyond tolerance into compassion, its bed fellow.

      Blessings for you.



  2. I am in complete agreement with you, RR. I’ve never heard it said better.

    I’m angry, too, because ‘they’ won’t hear it. They think of ‘hearing’ it as a horror worth every war they’ve ever fought against us.


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