Ca3(PO4)2: numbers and execution

On numbers . . .
It has taken 13.5 billion years to create me, as I am today.  It takes approximately 100 seconds to burn a human body to ash.

The number of zeros to measure the number of seconds in 13.5 billion years would, in 12pt type, fill enough sheets of paper to reach the moon and beyond.

“Fly me to the moon” – Cole Porter

On execution . . .

“I shall deny the Templeman his manicured whiskers.” – Rivenrod

The last woman to be executed on British soil was a prostitute for a time. The pay, she said, was better than at the factory.  She was beaten and otherwise abused by the men in her life, she had several abortions and for the whole of her life, she sought love.  She found it a few times but always rejected it in favour of a smack.  She was put to death for killing her abusive lover in 1955.

Mankind, homo sapiens sapiens, the wisest of the wise, is 200,000 years old.  How time flies.

© Rivenrod 2011

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