The Gap

. . . a kind of truth.  Shared from Cinders McLeod


  1. Yeah, that’s the bitter truth, “Art that is subservient to commerce, is not art”! Hope we have more writers who write for themselves, and in the process become voice of the other. Thanks for the thought, RR. A pleasure to read you 🙂


    1. Thank you. The truth is often unpalatable at first sight.

      I’m sure the likes of David Hockney don’t give two hoots about the processes of artistic creation, it seems to me he focusses his genius on nothing much else but looking, to really see. The thing is he would create whether or not he was paid to do it. That’s the key don’t you think.



    1. Thank you and very true.

      Since posting this I’ve been thinking. What disturbs me is how far an artist will go, when faced with the frustrations described in this poster, to ingratiate him or herself to a wider audience. It may be controversial for me to say but haven’t the likes of Damien Hirst sold out to commercialism by producing (very expensive) “stuff” rather than works of real art. As the great philosopher once said “Art that is subservient to commerce, is not art”. Is that not true?



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