Ca3(PO4)2: to stare wantonly

On human nature . . .
An observation concerning those marginally devious sensations felt when you find yourself in a strange place, with people you don’t know.  It is as if the canvas has been wiped clean and is pristine.  You can be whoever you want, live the life you want, have anything you want just to satisfy you. Your libido, your greed, your lasciviousness, and then there is the perversity of anonymity.  Without fear of jeopardization, you can stare wantonly at any man or woman and imagine what it would be like.

Clunkety click,
clickety clack
on track
the years skim by.
Tick tock,
turn the lock
a turntable connection
a blizzard
a busy reflection
a hawk,
a whore
a wet lip protraction
clunk and swoop
click and zip
fumble and stoop
head devoured and blown
Rustle-muffle moans and groans
at paper dissertations
at pocket calculations
and stilted conversations
intercity interactions
swish and splash and aah
sticky stuff
stuffed down the side of the seat
and her face,
and neat shirt,
and short skirt
flashes of heaven
sex on the run
ho hum rattle and drum
an anxious flush, careless blush
dump and run
just for fun
the doors clung
bye then.

© Rivenrod 2011 ~ manipulated photograph

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