Ca3(PO4)2: this compared to that

Ca3(PO4)2 . . .
The Teller is a man, in his bath – abandoned. The floor is black and white checked and the windows are tall affording a view of a magnificent landscape though not from where he sits waist high in slowly cooling water.  What he is able to see are amorphous shadows falling across the floor from the window.  This ballet creates a visual backdrop to his contemplations of memories, truths and tales.

This compared to that . . .
“what sound the boot that leaves no carbon print on earth and yet has the heel to grind us?”

Life and death, one follows the other as surely as retirement follows work, night follows day and sleep, wakefulness.   And to die successfully, one must first have lived.  And for a thing to live there must always be the propensity for death which in itself makes living that much more exciting don’t you think.  Death is after all the most final of all Agencies.

It is the rule that for every ONE thing there must be ANOTHER equal and opposite thing.  Life then death; the inevitability, but was it always thus?

What other inevitabilities might there be?

Pee/Wash hands.
Sex/Morning-after pill.

© Rivenrod 2012


  1. I can relate to your guitarist friend. My son sometimes sees the “system” as something to be used against itself and sees his “playing” with it as payback for the times that the “system” abuses people unfairly.
    Anyway, inevitabilities………….
    Eastenders – turn off.


    1. More and more I find myself agreeing with people who generally speaking don’t give a damn. When in school we were applauded for our enquiring minds. It seems, now we’re older, to get to the truth of the matter is a criminal offence.

      I would love to be someone who lives and laughs outside the system without causing grief to anyone other than the authorities.


    1. I’ve never borrowed in my life. Actually, I have never borrowed money, in my life. I’ve “borrowed” many things necessary to sustain my life at odd times, that’s for sure. The thing is, I worry. I won’t say I’m unhappy but I do fret and fuss about things and, well, living. My friend, on the other hand, is a unique character. He was a bass guitarist in a fairly successful rock band and consequently had a lot of cash. Now, some 20 years later, he has very little money and sizeable debts. The thing is he doesn’t acknowledge his debts in any way and worries about absolutely nothing. His face is fresh, he is permanently wide eyed and bushy tailed and does so much with his life I’m sometimes dizzy. He views the banking institutions as fair game and their requirement for him to repay the money they lent him as purely speculative. He can choose to repay or not. He will say that “money is not real but the things it provides are. Am I to regurgitate all the food I’ve eaten, all the cars I’ve broken and return them to the bankers or give them a great big bag of pretend stuff. I go for the latter, it works for me”. The moral is, I owe nothing and fret and fuss, he owes shed loads and hasn’t a care in the world. I suspect, therefore, that debt and it’s encumbrances are merely an attitude of mind.


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