Ca3(PO4)2: being ahead of time

On being ahead of time . . .
Entrepreneurs are often said to be “ahead of their time”, which is one of the daftest things one human being can say to another and here’s why:  To be certain a body is truly ahead of its time at least three things must be proven. First, that the person exist in this reality? Sadly there’s no foolproof way of proving a body’s existence and I suspect there are too many layers of assumptions to dig through before concrete evidence may be reached.  On top of that, self-certification would probably be unreliable. However, let’s not be downhearted; let’s assume the person does actually exist.

Second, we need to be sure of the exact time now? The exact time the person claims to be ahead of. Whilst difficult to pinpoint exactly even when allowing for bubbles, bends and lapses in the fabric of space and factoring in the fact that units of measurement of time are hypothetical, it’s not impossible given enough computer processing power and time.

And last, what future time exactly does the person claim to be in?  There’s only one way to prove this and it requires the person stepping into an alternative reality which is the exact duplicate of this one except in that time he or she must definitely not be ahead of any particular time. However, once there, he or she must travel forward, absorbing every detail, right up to the time he or she is supposedly ahead of.  Once there, the person must step across to our reality, to the exact time he or she originally left, and place a marker so when “normal” time reaches it everyone will know it was that particular time the person was ahead of.

Alternatively, the person can simply believe he or she is ahead of time generally, and it will be so.

© Rivenrod 2012


    1. How do you manage to do this? How? Only eight words and I have already spent a couple of hours thinking about your question. A waste of my time? It depends on which concept of time in which whatever it was, was wasted. And so too with your question I guess. However, there’s a fly in the ointment of which you are well aware Mr Lawson. In basic terms, is there such a thing as change. On one level of thinking change refers to something transforming into something that it was never meant to be. A butterfly changes from chrysalis to butterfly, something it was always meant to be so in principal it has not changed, it has simply moved from one known state to another.

      So, your eight little words pose two conundrums which will no doubt rattle around my brain for days to come.




  1. This is quite a mind-bending exercise for me, but I do love your take on it.

    I’ve been very opinionated lately on the whole concept of time not being a thing that actually exists. I’m a bit of a curmudgeon about the arguments (arguing out loud at scientists on TV.) But in strict science I do understand what the naysayers mean. It’s just that I’ve always thought that “time” was the word we made up to measure the minutia of aging and to help us put occurrences and the ideas of occurrences into context (such as the idea of getting together in a certain place at the same “time.”)

    Oh no, my brain hurts now. Too much thinking on too little sleep. Thanks for today’s workout!


    1. ’tis true, they can. They can also have old souls in the sense that it may be inherited. It’s possible I share my soul with a cavalier soldier who died when a WWII bomber was shot down.



  2. Most interesting, I’d really not contemplated the literalness of it. Curious, do we hear one spout that in this day? I oft hear it as a defining marker for our past inventors, but not the present. Is it because we cannot fathom what is yet to come in such a dynamic era revolutionized by technology? Does all this stuff really advance, or does it help to cloud our understaning of true nature?
    Sorry, 3 hours of sleep turns me into Socrates!(I kid)
    (10, hmm, after work I’ve some backlog to read!) ~ a


    1. I have to admit, now I’ve thought about it, I mostly hear that little saying from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Not that it matters and not that I care very much except from a comedy perspective but they are invariably the type that thinks Jasper Conran invented the waste paper basket and Steve Jobs was the mayor of New York. Present company excepted and I don’t include myself in that group. I’m still learning not to drag my knuckles on the ground. Ha!

      Three hours sleep! Madam, get a proper job.

      At the other end of the spectrum it must be said I was a sheltered child and whilst in school I was taught to dance (waltzes, minuets and such) properly at Canford, which was a “big” school. Outside the hall was a sign which read Choral Soc.rates £1. I was so excited that the wisdom of Socrates had been put to music and only cost one pound. Oh the japes I’ve had since, I can tell you.

      Have a fabulous day.



  3. If I am ahead of my time, then I don’t want my time to be up. I would rather be behind my time so that catching up to the time when my time is up is somewhat delayed. I guess I must be on time but just slow. And does time speed up or slow down for a cat when it slips through the flap. Does it slip into another dimension ? Is time faster or slower either side of the flap ? Has man time to find the manflap? And what happens when he does? Mmmmm.


    1. Proving a person is behind their time is somewhat easier but still requires a leap of faith similar to that of the cat passing through the Flangial Lateral Accelerator Portal or F.L.A.P. On the “outside” dimension the cat is more than likely a gin soaked lush, mistress of its own territory. On the “inside” a pampered prima dona.

      Just a thought.



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