The shortest poem in any language

“Ni” . . is indeed the shortest poem known to man.  Impossible to translate into meaningful English it was written by Poo-go-do a shaman living among the Ee-wee-bee people, she or he was the most venerated wordsmith in African history and much renowned for his or her uncanny ability to track down and capture hitherto unheard of words.

First inscribed on a slab of baked and polished elephant dung in 1973 it soon became the battle cry of the Ee-wee-bee who are the tallest and skinniest people in the world.

Not to be outdone, “Ni” has also been adopted by the Where-da-fukkawee tribe who are the inseparable neighbours of the Ee-wee-bee and probably the shortest people in the world.

The names of the tribes are derived from their individual and unmistakable hunting cries.  First will come the eerie lament of the Where-da-fukkawee echoing in the clear air of the scorched savannah “Where da fukka wee?” swiftly followed by the assertive growl of the Ee-wee-bee, “Ere we be!”  Thus the shortest ever humans are saved from being squashed by elephants, even a Grant’s Gazelle, by the tallest ever humans.

It has been suggested that the Ee-wee-bees, being effeminate softies, capitalise on the Where-da-fukkawee’s manly aggression and fighting skills.

© Rivenrod 2012 – Pencil and pen


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