Oliver Hardy – Food!


. . . something he might have said . . .


  1. There once was a time…(imagine this)…when food was not always easy to obtain. And what you were ‘wearing’ was all you had in times of ‘want’ to fuel your continued existence for those many days (weeks, months) you might have to go ‘without,’ and rely entirely on fuel you’d packed ‘within.’

    With that understanding, its hardly surprising that the most ‘tasty’ food would be that most likely to ‘stick to your ribs,’ and literally ‘hang around’ for future use. As a reality check, imagine if a head of lettuce had been to earlier generations more tasty than a pork chop fried in butter. If so, would there be any of us still around to question why all that nasty fatty stuff was (and still remains) so dreadfully tasty? 😉


    1. There is a third way that says ’tis a conspiracy to lace our food with spoonfuls of temptation to keep us compliant. Personally I’m with Pooh Bear, as much and as often as possible until 6 weeks before a sunshine holiday.



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