A sense of identity

© Rivenrod 2012 ~ pen and crayon


  1. Ah, but the tale does not end there! Many years later, Monkey will say to his offspring: ‘Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against animals who are different… Why, I once knew a Penguin, lovely fellow, tried to integrate and everything…’

    Lovely blog, will be back often!


  2. Hullo! My first time around here and what a wonderful little place you’re got going! You’ll see me more often.

    I agree with Quirina. This has a distinct Kipling feel to it.
    I’d be the penguin. 😉



  3. Monkey is still stating the obvious and clearly ticking off poor Penguin. This reminds me of a few conversations I’ve been part of. I hope I’ve never done as poor Monkey did. But unfortunately, I’m sure I have.


    1. Poor monkey for desperately wanting everyone to be like him and possibly poor penguin for thinking she might be.

      It’s a double jeopardy . . .

      Peace and love my Lady Sparks


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