Oxygen Mask



    1. Sadly the old boy didn’t make it through the night. Difficult situation for the doctors and nurses because he needed intensive care but was too delicate to move. It was intensely absorbing how he became a part of the machine.



    1. Bah! Return your face to the mirror, my love, and repeat the following: “My skill, my craft, my creativity will not be set against another. It is mine!” and one more time.


    1. Damn Evvie, I just noticed this in my list of comments. Ok, I’ll see what I can do but I’m not sure I want to send it onwards to anyone. Persuade me . . .



  1. Oh. I never noticed until now that one can click the image and see it full size.
    ..not on topic, perhaps, but I’m curious: How do you make these drawings? As in, what medium are you using? Do you use some sort of digital manipulation? They have an unusual look (to my eye), and I’m interested in knowing (if you care to share) 🙂


    1. Hi M, It’s odd that so many people have asked how I do them, all suspecting some digital magicery. They are all done the old fashioned way I’m afraid, nothing glamorous. Mostly I use pencils, crayons and putty rubbers. On some I use micro pens and crayons or watercolours. They are all scanned in 24 bit colour and published exactly as is with no embellishment. However, I do see scanning as a part of the creative process and as such I scan then retouch, scan then retouch often as many as 20 times to get the image I want. As you (perhaps more than most) can see I’m not always successful but I learn all the time and improve as I go. Hopefully! For larger scale paintings I use oils as the main medium then absolutely anything that comes to hand to achieve the image I want – mud, sand, cotton fibres, anything.

      Dammit, I rabbit!

      Many thanks for asking M and I’m loving your work as usual.



      1. Thanks for letting me in on your creative process! Perhaps it’s the pixely/pointillistic aspect of your work that makes some of us viewers think in digital terms. They are sort of lo-fi (with “digital noise”) and at the same have a very detailed look, if that makes sense to you! It seems like a lot of work goes into your drawing/paintings, and it’s cool that you mix a lot of techniques to go where you want to go with your images. Sounds like the process itself is very creative and free. Sticking to too many “rules” and “how-to’s” really can take the fun out of the process. My own creative process is a lot more about results/control, but I try to play around (a little) too. : )


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