The imponderable weight of being: Damien Hirst

>>> Damien Hirst is Rhind-meista

Rhind = Correct method of reckoning, for grasping the meaning of things and knowing everything that is, obscurities and all secrets.

Meista = Master

>>> Damien Hirst = Master Reckoner

(Has anyone else noticed how his signature looks like the word “shit”)



    1. If nothing else Damien Hirst makes us question what art is and what it means.

      My personal opinion is: I like the artist, the man, but what he produces is not art. Whilst the things he produces are interesting it’s questionable that the interest goes much beyond what lunatic amounts of money he has the cheek to ask for. But, isn’t that the joke, the gesture. The outcome may not be in the best of taste, in the circumstances, but the money squandered by these rich people would always be spent on ridiculous things. The fact they think it’s art kind of highlights the reality that mostly they don’t have a clue and paying huge sums somehow buys them membership of an exclusive club. No, the joke is on them as far as I can see.



    1. . . . the asking price for a signed school photo of Damien Hirst is £2.5 million. No-one can speak of him without mentioning money. It’s not just that he creates art but by taking something mundane and boring and by sheer dint of breathing air and using the toilet he asks huge sums of money from a particular type of person, it’s the process that’s art. It’s hard not to like and admire him for his humour and cunning in making himself and what he does the form of art. However, the killing joke will be when he is no more, his artefacts (things) will be completely worthless.



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