An American dream


8 thoughts on “An American dream

    • Thanks Mr Lawson. There’s an element of the American dream, somewhere. At least that’s how it started off.

      It’s good to hear from you and to be in a reasonable state of mind to appreciate your comments.



    • Thanks Evvie, I stirred the pot and that’s what rose to the surface. I have a show in September and I’m thinking Burlesque, what do you reckon? Not the poor imitation film with Christina Aguilera but real and good and darkly humorous. I will have a dance troupe and a guy in braces and bowler hat playing a tinny upright and feathers and glitter. My beautiful uncle/brother will bring his friends to create sculpture with cucumbers and my paintings will be sequins and glitter ball, purples and stains and ripped lace and blooded satin. I shall sell small tin boxes of Victorian dust for the connoisseur, suitably labelled and signed. One of them shall contain a golden ball and the winner shall take afternoon tea at Volupte with Baroness Tamara von Stein zu Lettershofen.

      Just a thought.



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