Here are 7 lines from the 7th page of a novel I am currently writing called Oh my God.

“Even his name was not right.  Guardian Angels were supposed to have names like Gabriel and Raphael; all succulent, timeless names that filled the mouth with fruity stodge, like Christmas cake.  This one had a sharp, disapproving, spitting sort of a name.  A name marinated in acid so that whenever I was compelled to speak it, my suddenly razor sharp teeth would wilfully chew the tender flesh of my cheeks.

Sizzasnip!  My Guardian Angel was called Sizzasnip!  No one with a right mind would ever suggest the name Sizzasnip had a celestial ring to it.”



  1. My next pet shall be called Sissasnip. It has a ring to it 🙂
    I had been off of my blog for a month or two and I was searching through comments and I found the one you left on “I Walked on Rainbow” I must know, what is the Old Bags Club? And most importantly, where can I order the t-shirt 😉


    1. Hi Andrea, “The Old Bags Club” is a fun poke at young people who think that they’re getting on a bit. We should design a tee shirt and set up a blog for everyone to contribute their birthday wishes on postcards.


      PS Sissasnip is a good name for a particularly playful, irresponsible and crafty cat methinks . . .


  2. I am beaming. Thank you so much for sharing this…
    you dont have to tag anyone. Im so happy you posted.
    Ive read this before tho…
    does that mean you will email me something fresh? 😉


    1. You are welcome my love. Have I sent you this before, really? Are you sure? I work on so many projects at the same time it could easily be. Now my brain is slightly less drugged I realise I must pace and finish one thing at a time. I have a fancy to post another 7-7-7 soon though . . .



    1. Oh my God is number three on the list to complete. I fully intend to frazzle my brain over the next few months and complete everything.

      Lovely to hear from you.



    1. Thank you darling. Soon, he says, and again, soon. Aargh! Would that when we sleep we complete everything our dreams reveal. That would be a blessing surely to be wished.



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