The emergency key
the emergency door
is behind
the emergency panel
the emergency box
the emergency exit.





But if you should ever decide
the only way to stop them
is to run away and hide
just grab
the emergency axe
and smash
the emergency glass
the emergency door
and take
an emergency piss
in the wind outside.

© Rivenrod 2012


    1. You, a narcissist . . . eh . . . I thought that was my job . . . to be a narcissist.

      The reason, I guess, is that your intellect may intimidate some. Take heart because you are not alone. We, who on a daily basis complete Rubik’s Cube single-handed, in the dark, are often ridiculed. Do we care? Of course we do, we’re human. Do we let it show? Hell no!


      Have a fabulous day,



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