The Tory government in the UK believe that people with disabilities are piratical parasites draining the state of crucial resources.  Surely one of the most important reasons for paying our taxes is to provide the best possible care for the vulnerable and disadvantaged amongst us.  On this basis, I have always considered paying tax to be an honour and a privilege.

© Rivenrod 2012 – Ink on paper


    1. True in so many way Rev . . . as I see it one of the most cynical methods deployed to control people is blind worship of democracy. Things that don’t work and acts of sheer spitefulness are turned back on the rest of us on the mistaken basis that we voted for them and their policies.



    2. Thank you, God. Did you brief Moses on this particular piece of Almighty Determination? I just left a meeting where he was present; when asked about this he said that he’s at odds to find a minute-note relating to the matter. With all his departmental cut-backs, his staff might have overlooked it. It will be jolly expensive to recast the fine stonework.


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