© Rivenrod 2012
Categories: ART


    1. Thank you sir. Whilst it is indeed a photograph, it has painterly qualities which will prove to be too much of a temptation I fear.

      How’s your art?




  1. I don’t use this stuff, but as a woman, I definitely know what it is. (Unless, of course, I’m wrong and they’re fancy watercolors or something.) I know what the title word means, but I looked it up to be sure so I could give it a little more precise thought. Hmmm.


    1. Good morning sweetheart. Here, the sun shines, the birds sing and air blots it up and wrings it out in my heart. Such a sea change since we drowned in 40 days of rain!

      . . . a node in this context I mean it to be a filter or connector for sending and receiving messages in communications networks. I accept, it’s a bit obscure but it’s all I could think of to try to explain my process. It’s a photograph that I intend to use as reference in a painting . . . not sure when as the stack of work in progress grows ever longer.

      Peace and love,



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