New gods

There always has been and always will be people who are stronger, faster and richer that we. Yet even so, with all the wealth they command they persuade others to fight their battles. Are they clever and courageous or cowardly?

One day they, in turn, will encounter greater men and be subdued.

To live and learn we have listened to poets and musicians, priests and fortune-tellers with their tales of death and threats of eternal damnation and have been taught to live in dread of shadows and to see a murderous enemy in every face.  And so, in terror of Death, we shiver and sweat in the night, we suddenly wake and sit bolt upright at the slightest sound, and in broad daylight panic at the turn of every corner?

Our lives are governed by constant fear and Death has become our master.

The lion knows nothing of life hereafter or street corner philosophy and fears nothing without smell or substance.  He stalks the grassland unafraid and when he meets another lion, he does not howl for help or beg for mercy or moan that death has come unjustly soon.  Instead, he faces his enemy trusting in himself to do what must be done.

If he dies, it will have been with honour and he expects no-one to reproach his fate.

© Rivenrod 2012


  1. Crumbs; powerful stuff sir. Panic is my shadow, most often apparent when the sun is out, sadly. But I suppose I choose to turn and attempt to catch it out every so often, rather than hope the clouds come over permanently….


  2. Well said! The choice is whether to live one’s live as a lion…or a mouse instead. And whether the choice is to be made inside…or outside one’s head. But in either case, it seems to matter little…if the life that’s lived, is dead.


    1. So very true.

      I suggest fear, in our age, translates to stress which either invigorates or paralyses. I have discovered that the human instinct regarding emotional and neurological response to circumstances whether external or internal is to follow the course of least resistance. Rather like the lizard that, when trapped and held up by the tail, feigns death and sheds its tail.

      So too with humans except we become zombies.


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