Foot Prints

In cities


in clean bright cities


footprints are wiped away


as if those who made them


had never been.

© Rivenrod 2012


  1. I felt this in my bones. As I read “clean bright cities” I thought of them as washed clean of regard for the cares of one’s ‘fellow man’, no matter what those cares may be. The words and the graphic moved me.


    1. There is so much potential in cities. I still feel the thrill tingling through me every time I go “home”.

      I admit I sometimes miss living in London even through the routines of eating, moving from A to B, the sweat and hustle are grinding. Oddly, in the country with limitless space and open air I can feel hemmed in, claustrophobic.

      When my friends visit they are charmed by the atmosphere, the greenery and our day to day living intertwined with animals of one sort or another. Inevitably when the wine flows we reminisce about the good old days, how flash, indefatigable, boisterous and confused we were – regular Jack the Lads about town. All of them remember me being angry, pretty much all of the time, in those days. I guess that’s what the city did to me – it frustrated and confused me. It made me want too much of everything probably because there was so much on offer and because I couldn’t have it all, even though I had a huge amount, my young heart grew resentful and bitter.

      They’re always sad to leave us and go back.


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