This lazy, vindictive bastard insults us all


Recently the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been telling anyone who will listen how big and tough he is to freeze welfare payments which are made to people who are sick, unemployed, disadvantaged or old.  He spouted on about how it’s a tough decision and how it’s only a 1% cap on any rise which, apparently, isn’t much.

Well, Mr. Cameron, it may well be a small amount to a multi-millionaire politician, but when you take a few quid from someone who hasn’t got a lot to start with, the actual amount taken is far greater proportionally than the percentage suggests.  A cap of 1% on any rise, with inflation added in, equates to a cut of almost 10% over 3 years.

It’s hardly rocket science to work out the mathematical truth but Cameron, like so many politicians, stick to the notion that if they repeat something often enough, regardless of how ludicrous the proposition, it will miraculously become true.

Ok, why do we pay tax, you and me, why? What’s the purpose?

Naturally, a proportion must go to paying for our National Security and other services we all benefit from such as the National Health Service and Education (although both are now only partially free).  Surely, one of the main purposes of tax is to redistribute wealth and to care for the wellbeing of everyone in our society, not just the few who are better educated, cleverer, luckier or more ruthless than anyone else, but everyone, especially those who are disadvantaged, down on their luck, sick and elderly.

It is our duty to help and no government or citizen of this country has the right to abdicate their responsibility.

We employ Government to manage these services on our behalf and we should be telling them that far from withdrawing help they must stop being so pathetically lazy and put their very expensive educations to good use for a change and think of ways to alleviate deprivation, restore self-respect and provide the opportunities to allow all people in this great country to prosper.

Above all else, let’s remind them it’s not tough to beat up the weakest kids in the playground.

© Rivenrod 2013

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