Should ideology be used to inflict suffering?

I’m ill with anxiety that the Natural Order is becoming irreversibly perverted by political expediency and lunatics who believe every stray thought that comes into their heads is sent by a vicious and ruthless higher being.

The only laws that matter are Natural Law and, in my belief, the seven Noahide Laws. All others are fabricated by humankind and are, in many ways, not worth the paper they’re written on.For example, the intrinsic absurdity of laws outlawing violence against women. Are there laws relating to violence against men, specifically?

For example, the intrinsic absurdity of laws outlawing violence against women. Are there laws relating to violence against men, specifically? Women aren’t special, women are different and different to men in exactly the same way men are different to women . . . and beetles and sandwiches for that matter. Violence is violence whether done to a man, woman, creature or piece of furniture.  The roots of the problem are the proponents of the physical abuse, not their targets.

David Hume was a renowned 18th Century philosopher and in his work concerning Human Understanding he asked us not to underestimate the power of collective morality ~ If a majority believes a thing (such as murder) to be right, then it is right.  In the modern world, the challenge facing political leaders is to get the majority to agree with them or more accurately to make it appear the majority agree with them.  In this era of political and intellectual laziness, Hume’s basic tenet has been adapted indiscriminately and cynically employed without regard to a morally ethical code but with the intention of manipulating the public will. Some enforce their point of view with violence, others employ cunning under the guise of protecting democracy, all, however, practice the art of constantly repeating an idea, no matter how ludicrous or evil, until it is covered in the gloss of familiar truth and is finally accepted as if it had always been so.  Examples: Weapons of mass destruction, foot binding, genital mutilation, genocide by stealth (Romii gypsies, Palestinians and the Saharawi).  Thus have four-year-old children been killed as witches, the poor in the richest economies the world has ever known, vilified as wasters and scroungers, similarly physically and mentally disabled people, thrown aside as parasites.

Although the majority might remain silent, their silence does not translate to acceptance.

No matter the number of people who may agree with the practice, it will never be right to stone a woman to death for “allowing” herself to be raped.  Neither is it right that a man should be forced to eat the testicles of his dead friend because they happen to be homosexual.  No-one would force a child into the arms of a paedophile quite so readily as our own leaders sit down at the table of Human Rights Criminals.  Weak, lazy or evil, a cigarette paper between them, is it any wonder human kind is in a mess?

Media:  Are you, like me, fed up being taken for an idiot?  By the media, their fantastically wealthy owners and the politicians who court their blessings.  What the media sells are easy truths remodelled any which way to keep a story going or to satisfy their political affiliates and (as told to me by a senior editor at The Times), for the sheer hell of it, because they can.  I don’t give a damn what these conglomerates broadcast to the world and neither should anyone else after all with the internet the real truth is only a few clicks away.  Terrifying isn’t it?  The truth.

Islamophobia:  I think most people are allergic to being blown up by a bomb in a shopping mall – we have come to call it terrorism. Some acts of terrorism are undoubtedly linked to Muslims and Islam itself as a religion. People are as fearful and disgusted by terrorism as they are of the sexual perversions linked to the Catholic Church.  Government could demand the church of Islam take responsibility for weeding out terrorists in much the same way the Catholic Church has shouldered responsibility and is expunging its perverts.  Instead, the complicated issues of fanaticism and terrorism have been allowed to take on an almost mystical aspect and the job of exploring solutions has passed to politicians whose abilities have proven to be wholly inadequate for the task and who immediately and purposely excluded the Church of Islam from any discussions.  

Anti-Semitism:  Anti-Semitism are two words that conjure a bucket load of reverential perturbation in the hearts of everyone whether familiar with Jewish history or not.

The Jewish Holocaust is fact. The horror of genocide is fact. There were millions of victims, murdered by nazis, people from different races, creeds and cultures who were equally decimated and in all the years since have managed to leave it behind them, as one of history’s most devastating and shameful episodes. However, for Jews, especially Jews in Israel, the emotive currency of the Holocaust sadly, continues to be used as a political instrument.

If it weren’t so sickening, it is almost touching to witness the schoolboy pride swelling Israel’s chest when the President of The United States comes to call and shows the world that Israel is still in his gang regardless of the hateful racism they harbour for Arabs and the acts of genocide inflicted on the people of Palestine. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if one day the bully is revealed as a pointless coward and placed in solitary confinement, figuratively speaking.

Should ideology be used to inflict suffering?


© Rivenrod 2013

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  1. We have a knack of taking the whole and breaking it down into groups. Unfortunately, in the process of doing so we assign value judgments that often have more to do with self-esteem/worth than accurate differences/similarities. Too many people (cultural groups, religious & political institutions) can not simply say we are different. They must somehow see their characteristics as better than “the Other”.

    Kids argue who is better Spider-man or Bat-man, which sport team or music group is better. Adults don’t out grow this need of self- actualizing. Some adults use it to acquire power over a group and maintain it.

    The response is to fight back – protest, resist, respond in kind. “The Other” is the enemy so says the leaders. The real enemy is the concept of ‘The Other”. Better to seek unity in diversity. As they say on Vulcan, “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” 😀


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