Benefit Cheats Face Up To 10 Years In Jail

Today, Keir Starmer QC warned it was time for a “tough stance” against the perpetrators of benefit and tax credit fraud as he set out new guidelines for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). (BBC News)

While Benefit Fraud in the strictest sense accounts for an extremely tiny proportion of welfare expenditure1, for over a decade a small but highly organised band of ruthless, devious, selfish crooks, the high-flyers of our most prominent companies, have been helping themselves to billions of pounds of our money.  That’s right, taxpayers money that should, by rights, go to provide a little bit of comfort for those less fortunate than ourselves who have no choice but to claim welfare to live a half-decent life.

UK billionaires on Welfare BenefitsTo get their thieving hands on it, these Fat Cats  don’t have to suffer the humiliation of filling in endless forms or having to trudge through rain and snow to the Social Security Office to beg some stone-faced bastard for a little bit of money for soup (or other such luxuries). No!  In fact they don’t even have to stir themselves from the bridge of their second best yacht because they just take the money whenever they like and our Government of chinless wonders thinks it all perfectly reasonable and let them get away with it day after day, year after year.

But how do they do it I hear you ask.  Well I shall tell you:  For every one of their workers they do not pay a living wage to2, we (taxpayers) give them (Fat Cats) at least £4,190 3 through the Tax Credit system.

I welcome Kier Starmer’s rousing and heartfelt declaration of intent.  The only problem is he’s gunning for the wrong targets.


1 Less than 1% is the true figure although successive Governments insist on including Customer and Official errors  which bumps it up to just over 3%.

2 A living wage is calculated by the Centre for Research in Social Policy. 

 3 Not directly to them but by topping up the employees wages through Tax Credits hence by not paying a proper wage the employers bottom line profit is increased so dividends and bonuses are bigger.  Bigger profits are of no benefit to us whatsoever because the majority of these companies don’t pay tax in the UK anyway.  Double Whammy!


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