Lady Maisery

Delicious harmonies and conviction so intense it fries you where you sit.  In short, folk roots at it’s most naked.


Whilst these ladies may have awards literally coming out of their ears, mine were crammed to spilling with wondrous harmonies and sounds I have travelled the length and breadth of almost everywhere to savour.  Hannah James, Hazel Askew and Rowan Rheingans are Lady Maisery and although I would never say “they ain’t no ladies” the things they do with harps, clogs, banjos and tinkly bells is nobodies business.  Amaze yourselves because if there’s a gig near you and you don’t go, you’ll kick yourselves from here to kingdom come.

My Both albums – Weave and spin and Mayday are available on iTunes and Amazon

© Rivenrod 2013
Categories: ART

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  1. Hello!
    I am putting together a Lady Maisery fanzine, and I wondered whether it would be possible to include this blog-post in the magazine, with attribution and a link to your blog? All contributors will also get a free copy of the mag. I can be contacted at londonfolkmusic [at] gmail dot com. Hope to hear from you!


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