Damage: David Sylvian and Robert Fripp

David Sylvian (born David Alan Batt in ’58) was lead vocalist and main songwriter in Japan which had some success in the ’70s, reaching worldwide recognition in 1981 with their 5th studio album Tin Drum Since then he’s embarked on a series of fascinating collaborative projects influenced by a variety of musical styles.

Click! on the Flaming Clef to play the track
SylvianFripp#DamageRobert Fripp plays guitar in the legendary progressive rock band King Crimson ~ late ’60s up until approx. 2010.  He’s married to Toyah Wilcox who I had the pleasure of sleeping with back in the 80’s.  Well, whilst technically I did go to sleep in the very same proximity as her, I didn’t exactly sleep with her.  We were at the same party in Bristol where I fell asleep in the early hours of the morning and she very well might have done too.  It was a rum old business back then.

Damage is a live recording of their 1993 tour and God’s Monkey is a track from that album.


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