Is Photoshopping art?  You be the judge.
Andric LjubodragCow

I think that one of the first skills involved in creating a piece of art rests in the ability to curate images relevant to the artist’s vision and it doesn’t matter whether those images are captured in drawings, photographs or whatever.  And whichever medium is used to transpose those images into the final work, through the craft of the artist’s own fingers or through technology, is almost irrelevant so long as the outcome is true to the principles of Art.

However, sometimes when technique is given precedence over the story of the piece of work, perhaps then it might be considered to be more artful than Art.

Recently I overheard someone say, whilst perusing a painting of a melting skull positioned in a traditional Exmoor landscape: “I don’t understand it, but it’s very pretty, so it must be art, right?

“Cow” by Andric Ljubodrag
© Rivenrod 2014
Categories: ART

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