The Bucket Band: the new Funkmasters General

Their drummer bangs on a bucket, hence the name The Bucket Band.

They play Fast and furious folk music from around the world on a green garden bucket (Karl Craddock), a goldfish bass (Glenn Craddock) and an electrifying fiddle (Emily Grainger).

This track is from their album Rainy Daze which was recorded, oh I don’t know, somewhere around 2010.  I might be wrong about that.  Anyone?

Click! the Flaming Clef to play ~ De Funk

TBucketBand#1hey’re probably from the Pontypridd part of Wales although they do seem to crop up in random towns and villages around the UK.  Mostly in the summer and mostly in the South West and South Wales.

Find out what The Bucket Band are up to, Click!

© Rivenrod 2015

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