Her name was Irene Wilde, Oh such beauty for a child . . .

“When I was just sixteen, I stood waiting for a dream
At Barker Street bus station every night
When I tried to get it on, she just looked at me with IanHunter#1scorn
My courage turned to dust and I took flight”



Click! the Flaming Clef to play ~ Irene Wilde   

This song was inspired by an event that happened when Ian Hunter was 16.  At this tender age, he was rejected by a girl at Barker Street bus station in his hometown of Shrewsbury.  He said his rise to stardom was inspired by this rejection.

It happens to us all.

© Rivenrod 2015 The Ian Hunter website


  1. I waited in Barker Street I at the age of 18 for my first date who was only 17. He turned up in 1973 and we are still together today.


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