There have been occasions when it’s been necessary to question my understanding of Freedom.

Freedom requires no Bill of Rights to secure it, no doctrine or manifesto, no lip service or twisted lie to lend it credibility. Freedom is neither substance nor nutrition and yet by Freedom alone the spirit can live. Freedom asks for nothing and expects nothing, neither does it have ambition or proclaim a righteous cause. Freedom is not a game to be won or lost and does not come with a price tag. Freedom has never once asked forgiveness and is not about to start now. Freedom simply is and has no need to grant permission to anyone for anything, neither does it work within parameters or a field of operation. Freedom is not finite and even though it is more precious than gold people cannot shape it to suit their desires, neither can it be hoarded by a few at the expense of many. Freedom is the father of equality and belongs to everyone in equal measure. Freedom is one blessing we all must strive selflessly to propagate and protect.

© Rivenrod 2015

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