“Oh, and how those screeching chains
did wrack my aching limbs, sir,
and such was my gritted pain
I squirmed and wormed, flip-flop
flat bellied in the dirt, sir.
Though loud I cried for sweet release
and kissed his earthly feet, sir
the master bade no man to raise me
or give water to sustain me
but pledged devils divide me instead
and my plight was keenly seen, sir.

Excerpt from “Chains” © Rivenrod 2014

HubbleARP273Rose“Hubble has profoundly changed our view of the universe, allowing us to see deep into the past while opening our eyes to the majesty and wonders around us.”  Charles Bolden (NASA Administrator)

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of Hubble’s launch into low orbit around the earth.  See new Hubble images

Arp 273 lies in the constellation Andromeda and is roughly 300 million light-years away from Earth.  The image shows a tenuous tidal bridge of material between the two galaxies that are separated by tens of thousands of light-years.

© Rivenrod 2015 Image taken by NASA Hubble telescope 2014

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