Art: Intimations of love

Another new gallery: Intimations of love was the title of the first “proper” exhibition of my work.  It left many a head sore from scratching and many unanswerable questions sloshing around the floor with the dregs of wine and vodka.  When the dust settled, to my horror I discovered I had paraded my creativity in the manner of a game-show host throwing out soundbites in the vain hope that someone, somewhere might hit on at least a gramme of credibility.  I tried too hard to make tentative connections between paint, canvas and colour to whatever nonsense was roaming around my brain at the time.  Somehow, unbelievably, I had become “one of them” and suffered a steep learning curve into the bargain.  Both the subjects and their execution were, and remain timid affairs.  Too safe, too accomplished, too cerebral, passionless.  I’ve decided to revisit and recreate all three/four images.

The poems, however, which nuanced the paintings, well, they are a different matter entirely.  I think.  I believe.

Never mind, here’s a track from The Moscow Drug Club called Dance Me To The End Of Love to help you, and me, get over it.

© Rivenrod 2015


  1. Overthinking is a dangerous sport. I’ve dogged my fair share of mishaps after I stopped trying to make the work a work and feel for it. That said, congrats on your exhibition. I would love to introduce you to my readers. Just say words. I admire your politics and that combination should set off some sparks. Warmest x


    1. I engage with exhibitions in a totally different way now. I see them more as performances for fun, mostly. The political aspects of that which makes me can, I’m told, be a little dogged, plodding, dopey and boring, the perfect antithesis to make the fun more funny and the philosophical messages more paletable.

      I’m completely, um, sidewiped that you would like to introduce me. Wow. At the risk of seeming presumptious, I have a book coming out on 8 June or there abouts, maybe something around that (?), a Q & A perhaps. I don’t know.

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