Maz O’Connor

“Did you ever hear the tale of the Mississippi woman?
She was washing her clothes in the waters one day
when the angel of the lord came down and said
“There’s gonna be some changes around here!”
and he washed all her clothes away.
There’s comfort in soft bare skin,
warmth in the sun”
Click! the Flaming Clef to play ~ The Mississippi Woman


The Mississippi Woman was written by Maz, MazO'Connorcommissioned by Broadstairs Folk Festival.  She retells the age-old creation myth from a distinctly feminist viewpoint.

In this age of easy celebrity, it’s becoming increasingly rare to stumble upon a singer/songwriter who relies on pure musical ability and natural charm rather than some marketing man’s manufactured image.  I saw Maz perform at the legendary Silver Street Sessions and she was captivating.  A lone figure, a tiny frame in real life, just her and her guitar, she somehow filled the stage and held us silently captive for a full two hours.  She sang her own songs as well as some traditional folk classics, her voice soaring and tumbling, pure and with perfect pitch.  The melodies echoed in my brain for hours afterwards.

Find out more about Maz O’Connor here

© Rivenrod 2015

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