Street art or vandalism?

“Who is it owns the right to make meaningful icons in our city spaces?  Is it the citizens themselves or global corporations?” ~ Dr Richard Clay: Tearing Up History


This painting is by two artists called Pichi and Avo.  Since 2007 they have been producing stunning street art, infusing classical figurative detail with surrealistic spray-can talent.  Their work adorns the streets of Valencia in Spain.  Pichi & Avo website

The Authorities call this vandalism and is therefore illegal.





BadBillboard#2Whereas the Authorities call this (“Hello Boys” billboard poster campaign for Wonderbra) corporate advertising and is therefore legal.

But what do you think?

© Rivenrod 2015


  1. I love women but calling “Hello Boys” for art, is a disgrace to Pichi and Avo. I would vote for Pichi and Avo, anytime. I checked the link to their site.
    >>> Tomorrow I am going to share a piece of art from my side.


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