J D McPherson: Let the good times roll

Precious ~ J D McPherson


“Twilight fades, it’s a precious thing
eventide under lock and key.
It’s so heavenly, heavenly right now
“A Letter to Elise” playing on repeat,
playing songs of the minor key was my policy, policy but now…
What does it mean when your heart vibrates?”

JDMcPhersonHere comes the Tulsa Bomber, J D McPherson, evoking the shabby rock ‘n’ roll spontaneity that came out of Sun Studios in the 1950s.

He’s no slavishly follower of those rock-a-billy thigh slappers – Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard and Big Joe Turner – Oh no!  Although he addresses the eternal themes of desire, emotional uncertainty and the need to bust out, Let The Good Times Roll is more than just a reconstruction.

Love it like a trollop!

Learn about J D McPherson here
Buy Let the good times roll here

© Rivenrod 2015

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