Torres: Sprinter

New skin by Torres

“I am a tired woman.
In January I will just be Twenty three.
In Kansas City I was undressed and bested by an airtight floor
then it said, “By the power in me vested”
and wrapped me in this new skin I’m dyin for”


Mackenzie Scott is Torres and her music is hard, incisive, confessional.

In New Skin, she exorcises her demons by scratching nails down a blackboard.  Her lyrics cringe with the nervousness of youthful transformation, but have the grit of honesty.

She’s self contained, she knows stuff yet willfully stands apart watching, no doubt with inner rapture, the fires of emotion she has sparked.  The impulse is to hold her head in your arms and soothe her.

Learn about Torres here
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© Rivenrod 2015


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