August is auspicious

August is named after the Roman Emperor Augustus (No, really?).  Yes really, in 8BC.
Exmoor to the sea

And another thing about August, the word, august, means:

1. dignified or imposing: an august presence.
2. of noble birth or high rank: an august lineage.

Also, weirdly, there are no anagrams in the English language that uses all the letters of the word AUGUST.  Neither can one shout August! without puckering one’s mouth in awe ~ Awe-Gust!

The word derives from the Latin Augustus meaning grand or majestic and which in turn is related to the Latin word augēre which means to increase and thus we arrive at the reason why the month of August plays such a pivotal role in bringing about the end of human life on Earth.

August is traditionally the month when the highest birth rate occurs in the USA.

With the global population currently increasing by approximately 1 million people every 4¼ days, by the end of this century, the planet will be asked to support a population of 11 billion.  It is impossible for the Earth to sustain 11 billion human beings.

Leaving aside the already acute shortage of water, the lack of adequate shelter and availability of fuels for warmth, it also means that in just the next 50 years human beings will need more food than has been consumed by the whole of humanity during our entire history.  Discover more about human survival at Global Population SpeakOut


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