Subtle manipulation of reality: Part 2

CocaCola2022As well as politicians, Advertisers too are always good for a bit of truth twisting.  They are, at the very least complicit, in the really big lies.  For example:

Greed is good: Coke’s the Sweet Thing (and ethical too!): banks really do help you Loan Your Own Home: no-one died stitching sweat-shop shirts: Nestlé truly is the Nutrition, Health and Wells company that never steals anyone’s water: Utterly But-plasticky really does taste like butter despite being only a molecule away from a plastic door knob . . .

A recent advertising campaign for a major global, tax evading, fast food charnel house shows a child of about ten years old being scolded by his mum and dad for splashing through puddles in the great outdoors, jumping around on a bed and climbing trees.  He’s told off for doing anything remotely healthy, mind-expanding and child-like.  Though the lad is obviously a tad grumpy, he nevertheless complies with his parent’s wishes because he knows which side his bread’s buttered.  In the meantime, his doting parents reward their monumentally sycophantic offspring by taking him to a fast food joint where they watch him stuff his face with chemically modified, biologically androgynous, big fat juicy MacDonald’s burgers.  Mum and Dad, smiling sickly, congratulate themselves, and join in a chorus of “that’s my boy”.

Coronary Heart Disease has become the biggest killer in the western world the scale of which, despite 21st Century advances in medicine, is without historical precedent. And that’s no lie.


 © Rivenrod 2015

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  1. I thank my lucky stars I was raised to not eat junk food. However, as an adult, I’m told I have an eating disorder called orthorexia. People tell me to eat myself into a prediabetic state and to do less feel good exercises so I can go soft. Crazy. x


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