Subtle manipulation of reality: reminiscences


Extract from Swell by Rivenrod, page 22
“And what of his treasure, his prized flotsam, objects he has rescued by chance, old things people have thrown away or misplaced? His hut is crammed full of them – nuts and bolts, hubcaps and tin boxes – but what is it about this stuff that so appeals to him? It’s unlikely any one of those items is a memento of a special occasion or to help recall the foibles and fancies of someone dearly departed because, if only for the one reason, there are far too many of them. A clue to his purpose might lie in us knowing he went to no particular trouble choosing them, in fact he did not choose them at all, not those specific things. But rather like the discarded newspaper he collects every night, it feels to him more that they choose him and so, as far as he is concerned, the perfume bottles and hubcaps could just as easily be bird’s eggs and bubblegum wrappers. What can be explained about his various collections, or treasures as he prefers to think of them, is that he actually needs things – any type of thing – to assign certain stories and reminiscences to, whether real or imagined, and those particular things just happened to be around at the time. Of course, if that were the case, he could change what they mean to him at any time if he wanted.”

Pretending: Eric Clapton

SwellWebSiteWidget© Rivenrod 2015 Picture: “Dusty corner” by Gilbert & George 1975 (+ info)

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