Subtle manipulation of reality: unfamiliar becomes familiar


Extract from Swell by Rivenrod, page 60
“He had first taken notice of her some two months earlier but only in the way a person might sense rather than truly see an object has been added to a familiar landscape. Over the following two weeks, day by day, she gradually seeped into his consciousness until, like pavements and kerb stones, she also became a staple component of his routine walk to work. After a few more days, he caught himself deliberately seeking her out and the thought and vision of her grew within him. He transfixed her to his mind, knitting images and dreamy impressions of her into his swelling desires and yet no words had passed between them. Whenever there was a close encounter and one of them became aware of their proximity to the other they would not exchange glances or smiles but turn their eyes to the pavement or to their separate shadows and give a discrete nod of the head as if preoccupied with more important matters. For want of knowing her real name he called her Poppy which seemed to match her wispy blonde hair, pale green eyes and full red lips.”

Cuban Dance: Estas Tonne

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