Christmas frolics

No one needs an excuse to party especially not us poor shivering blue skinned folks in the northern hemisphere.  No, the holiest of holidays calls for shinnanigans and japes, mischief and mayhem just as much as  firelight, romance, love and generosity and, of course, an over indulgent abundance of pies.  Pies of every hue, shade and complexity.  The world was built on pies.  Actually it wsn’t, not really, according to Inuits North America is built on the back of a giant turtle.  Bah!  Who cares, it’s Christmas, it’s Party time and that means it’s High Time for Pie Time!

And so, in the single malt spirit of wishing everyone, wherever you may be on land, sea or in the air, a Very Merry Christmas!

© Rivenrod 2015

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