Trumped up!

There’s an expression in the English language “Trumped up” meaning false or unsubstantiated. A “Trumped up” individual is a jackass, a person who foregoes no opportunity to broadcast an image of superiority. A narcissist, a loud-mouthed twit with notions of their own competence way above their capabilities.

The moniker “Trumped up” seems to sit easily with this Donald Trump character we read so much about here in the UK at the moment (March 2016).  If you didn’t know, he’s one of the Republican Candidates for the Presidential election in America (sigh!).

However, in the UK at least, despite thousands of words written about the man, we know precious little of substance about him. What we do know is that he claims to be a billionaire, whatever that is, and a property billionaire no less, which is surely a contradiction by any sensible measure. We also know he’s been bankrupt three or four times which usually means other people have been forced to pay up for his stupidity with either their hard-earned cash, their jobs and/or their family homes. I haven’t heard whether he plans to ever repay them.

He also comes across as being a bit of a racist and misogynist, and not too bright either.

We’re told he epitomises the American Dream which, frankly, scares the hell out of me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, American Culture is born of greed, subjugation and violence which may well drive Donald Trump but is he, therefore, really a model people should aspire to emulate? Secondly, the Dream. In almost every context, when applied to America, and all it stands for, is just that, a dream.  It is not real. For the vast majority of American citizens, work is not rewarded, security is not guaranteed and justice is the preserve of the rich and white middle classes.

America is rich, quite probably the richest nation on the planet. But that financial wealth is a falsehood and skewed. Just thirty-five of the richest Americans “own” more assets than half of the rest of global humanity. They use their wealth, not to advance civilisation but to fund wars (over $1 trillion Dollars of high-tech arms to Israel since 1970). And yet, child poverty increases, in-work poverty increases, job insecurity increases, homelessness increases. If there was ever any prospect of the American Dream materialising as a realistic ambition, for most Americans it is absolutely unattainable and will forever remain so. Those who are giving their all to an ungrateful nation in pursuit of that fantasy are easy prey for the rhetoric of dodgy, “Trumped up”, snake oil salesmen such as The Donald.  It would all be a bit of a joke wouldn’t it, a sit-com or comic strip cartoon, if real people weren’t involved.

The thing is, and here’s the rub, during these elections, unless the people of America are willing to get radical, not the brand of radicalism preached by Trump and his Trumpeteers, but a benign radicalism based upon a real world view rather than what the Federal Union wishes it to be. If Americans reached out to the rest of the world as partners rather than subjects to be controlled and suppressed, bullied, blackmailed and tortured. If Americans took a step back from their inbred sense of superiority for a moment and stopped interfering in sovereign politics; refused to supply weapons to enforce illegal wars, illegal occupations and genocide, and took responsibility for their actions. Perhaps then the tomfool antics of a “trumped up” erstwhile Mr President would not be regarded with a mixture of amusement, bemusement and horror by the rest of the world.

Perhaps, then, Americans would have earned the right to be proud of their country and start to build a heritage that other more enlightened peoples may come to regard with respect. Perhaps then, for the first time in global history, America will be a truly great nation.

© Rivenrod 2016

Photo by: Rutpratheep Nilpechr
Picture credit: Tomahto, or maybe Tomaytoe. I had a mind to use a picture of Donald Trump all wild-eyed and evil, but then I thought, “No, a tomato is more apt”. Wait a week or two for it to rot some more then throw it at the idiot.


  1. I agree with most of what the previous commenter said, and am glad that he mentioned Bernie Sanders, the openly socialist-leaning democrat running against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. It’s embarrassing and hard for Americans who aren’t selfish, money-grubbing, racist, isolationists to think that the world’s press are concentrating their reporting on Trump and leaving out Sanders. How could you have any better thoughts about us when those of us who are well-informed, mostly well-mannered, and definitely hospitible toward our fellow planet-dwellers are run over and ignored, even here?

    Really makes me understand those on the left’s desire to use some of the loud-mouthed antics of the other side. I understand, but I hope they won’t. I, especially, don’t have the answers on how to be heard, but I don’t want us to slip into behavior that, on the surface, makes it hard to tell the sides apart.

    Bernie Sanders’ degree of success, and Elizabeth Warren’s, can help people understand that America’s people aren’t just shifting dangerously to the weird-ass (for lack of a better word) evangelical right. Those of us on the inclusive, forward-thinking left are also growing in number and finding our voices. I hope you’ll write about that, too. And put some positive thoughts out into the universe (or pray , if you will) that we can also be heard loud and clear.


  2. By the way, that long-winded comment above is mine. Not sure why WordPress didn’t log me in properly and posted that anonymously.


  3. As an American, I am so appalled and horrified by our politics and most especially Trump. He represents the worst of what America is, sadly, and the majority of us know it. Problem is, our culture is depicted and sculpted by our media which is now controlled by those very same oligarchs, leaving the rest of us even more voiceless. Honestly, I have a fear that what we are seeing now is just the beginning of a very nasty fall for America that will be bad for us and the rest of the world, given our violent tendencies. American’s pride themselves on their independent nature so the fact that we are becoming more and more isolationist, believing both that we are the police of the world and that we should stand alone, really puts us at odds with the modern world.

    What is rarely reported is that there is a progressive side to this country. Not only one that believes in protecting the environment, equal rights and social support systems for all, but that we need to end our wars, become less dictatorial and that the ‘dream’ most often depicted is not only a lie but the wrong type of dream to strive for. Within our country, right-wing nut jobs, like Trump followers, quite literally get away with murder while those protesting peacefully for a truly better America (and world) are beaten, arrested, pepper sprayed and more on a regular basis. Those of us on the left who try to speak out are enemies of the state.

    That is rarely shown and it keeps the left scattered and loosely unified allowing the status quo to continue. While Obama was a big improvement over W Bush, he disappoints many because he is not truly progressive and Hillary Clinton is more of the same. So, we are left with a right-center or totally right-wing-Evangelical choice. Not much of a choice. Bernie Sanders is more progressive but not only is there very little coverage given, when he is discussed, it is with a dismissive smear-tactic. Plus, honestly, even if he were to win the Presidency, our government is now so dysfunctional I don’t think he can make a difference. That leaves the progressive, left-leaning, liberals (which are the majority) feeling voiceless and apathetic.

    This long-winded response is simply an American’s way of saying, goddamn, get me the hell out!


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