I am not anti-Semitic

But I am anti evil-bastards


Apparently, mention of Hitler in the same sentence as anything connected with Judaism is a clear sign you are anti-Semitic. It seems that lots of people who weren’t tainted by that particular spectre, now are. In fact, if the media is to be believed, every man Jack of us has been up to our necks in prejudice and bigotry against the Jews since Methuselah was a lad. Utter nonsense of course along the same lines as using the words cow and vegetarian together makes you anti-cabbagist.

There must be a word for it when people get really worked up about something even though it bears the hallmarks of ‘false witness’ and stirring up mischief simply to get someone into trouble for something utterly spurious.  As well as jumping to conclusions that are almost certainly untrue, or are at the very least a bit bendy, but the accusers know the tabloid press will be all over it like monkeys in a cake shop, making up even more stuff, compounding the nonsense, gilding the tarnished lily, on the basis that the more far-fetched and outlandish their coverage, the more likely the whole saga will revolve full circle and re-enter the real world by the back-door magically transformed into the Indefatigable Truth.

So, before I say anything more I want to make it very clear indeed that like most people, I am not anti-Semitic. I don’t even know anyone who is or was. What’s more, I have yet to meet one single person who does not recognise the significance of the Holocaust for Jewish people.  I am equally aware of the untold millions of black people, Asians, Arabs, Freemasons, the handicapped, homosexuals, the mentally ill, gypsies and many other people from targeted ethnicities and cultures murdered in death camps by Nazis.  Furthermore, alongside millions (if not billions) of Humanitarians, I have undertaken to do whatever I can to prevent such atrocities happening again. Ever.

So, no, I am not anti-Semitic, but I am anti-evil bastards. Particularly those who commit crimes against humanity.  Specifically, Leaders of militarised States supported by shamelessly immoral politicians and business people in Russia, Europe, and the United States, who propagate the repression of civilians in their home territories, who conduct illegal occupations and blockades and carry out genocide by stealth or, god forbid, by other more expedient means.

Regarding Israel, in common with everyone else, I am bound to accept the findings concerning the siege of Gaza by the United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Occupied Palestinian Territories: “Such a massive form of collective punishment is a crime against humanity, as well as a gross violation of the prohibition on collective punishment in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

It is clear that Palestine is not a conflict between two equal sides, it is an occupation by a powerful military state, armed by the West, against an impoverished, stateless and displaced people.

Israel’s crimes against humanity are so grave, so dehumanising, so contrary to the viability of human beings as an elevated species, it is unthinkable that anyone should be prevented from calling to account those who choose to support Israel’s conduct whether by reason of religious association, political affiliation, trade agreement, arms dealing, even by shirking responsibility and doing nothing, simply because two or three so-called provocative words might be employed in the same sentence.

In all engagements, how you do something is as important as what you do.  Words, whether perceived as provocative or not, count for very little indeed.


Picture: ClownHitler is the photographic nightmare of French-born photographer Eolo Perfido.  The image is intended to be offensive to supporters and followers of Adolf Hitler and a prompt for them to seek professional help without delay. Hitler is represented as a loon, a figure to be derided and humiliated. In no way is it a call to arms for transgender, transvestite, camp, homosexual, heterosexual, mentally disadvantaged, completely sane or any other character type of cream-faced loon Hitler impersonator.
ALSO, by Israel, I mean the Government of that potentially beautiful country, the Leaders and Policy Makers who direct the atrocities against Palestine as well as their officials, officers, and supporters.


© Rivenrod 2016


  1. I agree with you completely. However, I think the US has as much responsibility as Israel in the atrocities. They are much closer allies than reported. We (meaning my government as I am a US citizen) not only exchange arms but our training methods are exchanged as well. We might as well be one entity.

    I also would like to note, on average, here in the US, when mentioning the Holocaust, the racist/fascist contingency (that is rather large, sadly) of course denies it happened. The rest tend to forget that others died as well as the Jews which makes it easy for them to ignore the atrocities happening to the Palestinians. It is rare to mention Palestinians and when it is mentioned, they are usually depicted as terrorists terrorizing Israel here in the mainstream media.


    1. The fact is the US has provided more than one and a half trillion dollars worth of military assistance to the State of Israel since 1970. It may well be more than that by now. That figure does not include anything from the UK or any other European country.

      It seems that when it comes to world domination, War Crimes is the name of the game to be in. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!

      It’s so very sad, Lily, for so many reasons. not least of which is the belief many of us have come to hold that the United States is very far from the land of Aspiration, whilst keeping the worst excesses of the rest of the world in check, we were taught in our European schools just over 30 years ago. In fact, at least for me, it’s sometimes impossible to equate my personal relationship with the Americans I know to the actions of the US Governments over the years. It’s the same for many countries I guess, not least of which is the once great United Kingdom but somehow we expected more of Uncle Sam. He was big and powerful and all knowing but, well, we have been let down with one hell of a crash. One word, TRUMP. There really is no need to say more is there.

      So, Lily, what can we retrieve from all this mess eh? I really don’t know. If I did have the answers I would be a great deal quieter than I am now, that’s for sure. But what I do know is that the likes of you and me, alongside our more considerate compatriots and companions, we must do whatever we can to strengthen each other.

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      1. It is hard, as an American, to be proud of this country any more. Honestly, if I could, I would emigrate back to Germany. My parents came here in 1957. They grew up under the Nazi regime, saw the horrors all around them, and I remember my mother saying one reason they decided to come to the US was because they believed there would never be such atrocities in this country. If my parents were alive now, seeing the rise of Trump and all the hate-filled rhetoric and fear-mongering of the “other”, they would regret their decision. I think part of the reason we are such a pro-war nation is because we have never experienced it on our soil.

        It is truly sad that the people in power are not representing the majority of the countries they represent. The US appears dominated by religious nutters and racist/fascists (there is a large group, yes, but not the majority) and the representatives speak to them, the media gives them voice, and the rest of us hang our heads in shame.

        As an American, I often feel like saying sorry to the world, first, then ask them to remember those, like me, who actually care are now beginning to suffer within our borders as well. Trump does not represent me in any way, shape or form and I watch in horror that he is given such a large platform on a regular basis and for the most part all the pundits seem to think he is a joke that can never win. I fear he can win. I fear living here when he does win. I fear for the world when he wins.

        Then there is the flip side where I think, let him burn this country. Let the worst happen. We will go through horrors and eventually, hopefully, rise into a better place. It will be hell in the meantime but sometimes you have to experience hell to make things better. Until we experience true horrors like the rest of the world, we will never learn.

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