Personal responsibility: The last word

These are absolutely the last words I shall write on the subjects of the EU, the Referendum and, in fact, on any other poxy political skullduggery (unless it’s really interesting).

In battling the excesses of big business and the struggle for equality and social re-balancing in Britain, the European Union has increasingly become an obstacle rather than an asset. The EU is increasingly entrenched with TTIP.

President Jean-Claude Juncker has indicated he will instruct member states to accept it, and most MEPs lobby for one corporation or another leaving us in no doubt which way they’ll vote. So, there will not even be the illusion of democratic process!

The EU has become what was always intended, an elitist club which has no more interest than our home-grown politicians in addressing the grinding issues of totalitarianism, equality, poverty and social welfare. Furthermore, EU treatment of Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal along with its unequivocal insistence on imposing stringent austerity measures is all the evidence required of their willful disinterest in the citizens of what EU politicians cynically refer to as the family of Europe.

On June 23 2016, Britain held a Referendum which asked one simple question: Do you think Britain should Remain in or leave the European Union?

Surprisingly voters chose to leave by a majority of about two million. Some Remainers, those who voted for Britain to remain in the EU, cried “foul” and are pressing for a second Referendum in the hope that the first Referendum will be overturned because, they say, the electorate was not given the whole truth about the possible impact of leaving the EU. Wake up! Politicians were involved so of course we were lied to.

Whether or not the electorate was misled is not the issue.

The issue is about collective and individual responsibility. In the months and years in the run-up to the election, it was the duty of everyone intending to vote to look into the pros and cons for themselves. To actually draw their own conclusions from the information they have themselves researched and not listened to Larry down the pub’s vacuous assertions that the EU is the best thing since sliced bread and “we’d be bloody daft to leave”. In a similar vein, someone presented as an expert by the media doesn’t mean they actually are an expert. In any case, the only expert relevant to making predictions about the possible impact, one way or the other, would have been a clairvoyant. And that is utterly ridiculous!

Responsibility for the outcome of the election rests with the individual voter regardless whether that person chose to listen to bullshit and then chose to cast his or her vote on the strength of that bullshit.

Also, and very importantly, choosing to live in a democracy, as we do, people prefer not to be led by the nose or dictated to about how they should think and behave. That’s the theory anyway. So in a way it shouldn’t matter a jot that the vested interests tried to lead us up the garden path. In any case, who’s to say the majority of voters didn’t see through their sleazy attempts at earnest persuasion and vote the way they wanted to anyhow.

Can a decision, arrived at by democratic process, ever be wrong?

© Rivenrod 2016


  1. I see where you’re coming from. Here in the US, I can’t stop worrying that Trump might get elected. After all the trouble Bush and Cheney wrought, Trump’s fearmongering and ridiculous ideas could only take us farther backward. Instead of living in a country that would elect a childish bully to be president, I want to live in the kind of country you describe in your next to last paragraph. I hope that soon we will all want to do the hard work of making that so.

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    1. I’m going through a time of great despondency. I’m sick and tired of hearing people squabble, usually over things they have been misled over. It seems that no-one at any level of authority is afraid or ashamed of lying. Lying was once second nature for someone who was cornered, trapped, now it’s first nature.

      Trump is a clown but, it has to be said, he’s a dangerous clown. Even now, the right wing in the USA has taken his attitudes and “pearls of wisdom” as endorsement for their most extreme behaviour. Police summarily execute black people and when Black Lives Matter try to make folks realise just exactly where Trumplike behaviour has led their country, the leaders are arrested. Its OK to be a psychopath and commit murder but it’s not OK to protest against it. Madness.

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  2. There is this same attitude in the US. I won’t vote Clinton therefore I’m throwing my vote to Trump. I’m an idiot. Uh, nope, I actually research & read trying to learn more than the soundbite the politician wants me to believe. It isn’t easy since there is so little actual reporting but I decided while the email scandal is wasting taxpayer $$ & dominates the headline it obfuscates the reality that Clinton is more of the same. More big business, more trade deals on steroids (TTIP), more war, nothing to address rising inequality, or fight back against Wall Street or the money corrupting our government, very little addressing climate change, etc. A long list of issues just ignored for business as usual.

    Now, our system is so fucked that it may mean Trump gets elected if people vote conscience instead of party but that’s not going to scare me anymore. If this country burns it isn’t due to my stupidity it’s due to everyone else falling prey to fearmongering & lack of research beyond the soundbite & Billy-Bob at the bar saying who to vote for. Status quo is ruining the US & the world, something needs ro change. Lets hope it’s change for good.

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    1. I believe that change through conflict is now inevitable.

      In the race for President, it seems to me that the American people are being asked to either jump into a vat of boiling oil or walk through a pit of snakes.

      People must join together, talk about the kind of country, world, you want to live in then have the courage to make it happen.

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      1. Sadly, I think the US is headed for a civil war of sorts. We are too divided at the moment to even begin discussing our similarities. So, I totally agree, it is inevitable that change through conflict is the outcome and it saddens me. My only hope is that it won’t be too violent or too long and then the real change for good can begin.

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