Art #futurism

Futurism (Italian: Futurismo) was an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. It emphasised speed (momentum), technology, youth, and violence, through objects such as the car, the aeroplane, and the industrial city.continuityinspace Futurism in art was and remains purely functional objectification. This was not a celebration of human endeavour, its members were too cynical of human weakness for that. Neither was it a commentary on aspiration or the advancement of the human condition.

Futurism recognised that hatred and destruction are hand embroidered into the fabric of the collective human psyche. Futurists would have been more at home exploring the idea of robots assuming those very same traits and turning them on their masters.

deperobook1It’s hard to grasp the notion of book design at the centre of an anarchic art movement, but there it is. Fortunato Depero is credited with producing the first art book of its kind in the 1920s.



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