TroubleShouter #capitalising on our confusion

madworldIndividual countries and indeed the entire globe is a multi-divisional corporation where executive politicians and civil servants manage day to day business. These people are the “faces” of the organisation(s) but, no matter how much they squabble, name-call and posture, they have no real power.

In control is The Board of Directors, the actual “owners”, who are shadowy individuals pulling their strings from a safe distance, making them dance to a bigger, orchestrated tune. Nothing happens without their say-so and even though they influence just about everything in our lives we, the people so to speak, can never be entirely sure who they are.

These “owners” capitalise on our confusion.

In increasingly sophisticated ways they monetise and powertise our basic instincts – greed, need for security, need for food, heat, shelter etc. They control and suppress, often entire nations, by reminding us whenever necessary that they can remove these “basics” so fast, so decisively, there won’t even be time to dig a fallout shelter. Sometimes, quite often actually, they engineer situations so that war is inevitable or escalates – Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Gaza, Dakota, California, Tibet, Mongolia etc. etc. etc.

They have no pity; casualties of war are nothing more than an inconsequential depletion of a resource.

Politicians merely do the footwork and are allowed to syphon off a little bit of cash from the sale of weapons and to pocket a small share of the spoils. It’s the “owners” who cash in the big chips, steal the oil, the water, the forests, the land, the hearts and souls of the people.

Many ordinary folk believe the little amount of money they think they possess will safeguard them against the whims and ambitions of “the powers that be”. It won’t. It won’t, and not just because they have more, a lot more cash than most of us can ever imagine but because they know their wealth cannot be measured in currency.

They only use money as an instrument when they exchange something they have for something they want.

Even then, transactions are conducted electronically, not in the hard cash ordinary people might customarily use. No, the source of their wealth is power over their middle managers, the politicians, and the know-how (carrots, sticks and fear) to control the masses.

If everyone on the planet is to be given a fair crack at living a half-way decent life, the status quo must be upset.

Things must change, but what can you do?

>Working Class Perspectives<

All images © Rivenrod 2016


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