TroubleShouter #dump

Trump elected. It wasn’t an accident. It didn’t happen out of the blue.

No seriously, here’s a thought: America just elected a guy to a job where he effectively controls the lifespan of 7 billion people; who’s every utterance will colour the political spectrum of pretty much every country on the planet for years to come; who will have direct control over a nation with 5% of the global population, that spends almost 17% of its entire national revenues on weapons; a man who, almost single-handedly has managed to convince a good proportion of its citizens that it was they who discovered America.

Nevertheless, the American people now entrust this guy with their nation’s good name and fortune.

OK, let’s look at one simple fact. A difficult thing to do in the light of what’s just happened but we’ll give it a go. Amongst all the other lunacy, he has proven himself to be a compulsive and unapologetic liar, notching up more than 530 separate falsehoods in one ten day period or, to put it another way, one lie every 3 minutes or so, for the duration of the campaign. (Politico)

This is a guy who will push the button to unleash Armageddon, turn around and say “It wasn’t me.” And yet the American people voted for him and despite all outward appearances most of them are just as sane as you and me (in their own ways of course).

The thing is, and this is the whole point, in the years up to 2016, how bad was life in America for its people to see Trump as the great white hope? People didn’t suddenly wake up on the morning of the election and decide to give some misogynistic, fascist, neo-nazi, racialist liar the keys to the White House. Despair must have been building up for years and years. Day in day out, month in month out of hell on earth, right. Hell on earth!

Just how bad was it for our American cousins?

© Rivenrod 2016

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